Foot Operated Sanitary Unit - Grey Mini

Foot Operated Sanitary Unit – Grey Mini

Discreet, hygienic, and convenient – our sanitary units enable any workplace to dispose of their sanitary waste in a safe and professional manner.

This mini foot operated unit is ideal for smaller washrooms. It comes in a grey finish and contains a scented liner. These bins are discreetly serviced and maintained by our service staff every 28 days as standard.



The grey mini variant has all the same great features as our standard sanitary unit, with the added convenience of being suitable for smaller washrooms. It has a large pedal on the bottom of the bin and a flap that opens out to the side when you press the pedal. These units are slim line, and offer a reversible lid, so they can be placed easily on either side of your toilet.

As part of the rental cost of each unit, you receive a 4-weekly service, as standard. This service is carried out by the same service staff at each visit. Every unit has a specially treated scented liner, to minimise any unpleasant odours. This is replaced fully each time we service. This service is discreet, we clean and deodorise all units within the toilet areas on site and take the bags of waste away to dispose of them for you. This causes minimum disruption to your business and ensures the units remain in excellent condition.

These sanitary units are also available in white or black and chrome, as well as in a larger standard size, to suit your business needs.

Key Features

Standard 4-weekly service

No charge for Annual Waste Transfer Note

Pedal operated

Mini variant

Side opening panel for easy use

Discreet interior flap hides the stored waste

Scented liner

Slim line

Reversible lid

Additional information

Service Frequency

4 weekly


15 litres





Length of bottom of bin